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5 Medifast Diet Tips Before You Start

Video Transcript

hi it’s Christy and I just wanted to give you some tips on how to put things

that I think are helpful before you start and a fast or order the Medifast products tip line trying to coach if you’re already going to order some of the manufacture products you’re gonna be getting in a box of food takes a pro-life will give you a coach for free it’s at no additional charge to you and it was huge in helping me lose weight and have somebody there is somebody

there to support you when your questions or concerns are you didn’t need to know something about the food or any question you have to have somebody who’s there just for you to help you out so therefore encouragement when you’re having a hard day and you’re like a hungry today I’m struggling or I don’t know if I can get this thing I can do this it’s only there for you to answer those questions it’s also encouragement I gotta tell you I was so you know I

didn’t so many diet plans that I didn’t have a lot of people when I started using my fast foods I didn’t tell other people cuz I figure after a couple weeks I was gonna you know crap out stop the diet start eating bad food again and I didn’t really want to embarrass myself again when somebody says well how’s your day going and I said going and so for me to be able to text like coach and say I’ve lost five pounds it’s starting to work I think I lost to be able to tell

somebody and have somebody there to say you can do it that’s awesome keep going this will work it was really helpful so if you’re starting and you don’t have a coach you don’t already have a coach I know when they would love to help you and start your journey to get home number two research the food that’s just my personal opinion it helped me so much

when I got on YouTube looked at Medifast reviews and they listen there’s over 70 Foods to pick from lots of different meals snacks shakes drinks and everyone’s taste buds are different so you can’t always go I’m somebody else somebody else’s likes or dislikes but it helped me when I found this several people were all kind of like this is a good morning I really like this one then it let me know maybe I should try that when there’s a lot of people who I get then again some things

I don’t like and I don’t get and everybody’s different but I would say research the foods to kind of see what you may like and also think what are your other foods that trigger you for me I have a sweet tooth for me ordering things that were sweet taste like candy bar to stick by Charlotte like the basics totally save me with this because a lot of diets when I would fail its because I hadn’t had anything sweet for two weeks and I was going nuts

it was craving it so bad and once I messed up by Michael forget it I can’t do this so to have the foods that you create that you really like that you really like you and make you think you’re not really dying because this tastes like something I would if I wasn’t is helpful some people like salty snacks so if you need the pretzels or you know the little popcorn snacks that would help you that’s just something to consider

so too is you know be mindful of the food think about the things that trigger you to eat bad foods and research a little bit before you order tip 3 three water water water and more water I struggled drinking water some people don’t it’s great that’s really great if you don’t I do so I really had to force myself to drink water but I will tell you this every time I have had an

extended period of time drinking water by weight loss has been better and I’ve been more successful on this plan but I do drink my water well so drink as much water as you can drink all day long something that also helps in my coach told me get a water body who like you I carry around to take you over 21 with a strong because I like strong drinks better than the regular water bottles whatever whatever helps you get your

water intake in do that take it with you and your goal in the car when you’re at the store when you’re home just constantly be drinking your water it will definitely definitely for or there is never a perfect were not perfect time to start there’s never a bad time I started a couple weeks before Thanksgiving so I was hitting the major

holidays in I did you know have cleaned days where it went off plan and I’m not suggesting to get on program and then ran 10 times but I’m just saying I went into the new year with 15 counts and that it never happened in my life I’ve always gone into the new year with weight gain so even if you think there’s a hottie coming up there’s a birthday coming up there’s you know I need to wait for Monday do you know start this is the beginning of the month why wait

you’re just program weight lost if you could start losing weight as soon as possible why wait you know I’m so glad I didn’t wait till the new year and have another 10 pounds to have to work to get off I’m so glad I started even though people are you starting the dieting before the holidays you’re gonna be going through Christmas and New Years I’m so glad that I did because it really encouraged me

when I move forward in the new year and I was lighter than I was the last year so again if you if you want to lose weight weight just do it I’ve don’t go into that comparing yourself to anyone else that can set you up to fail if you have a friend and they also 11 pounds their first week and you end up losing 846 and you think I can do is good I didn’t do well as her everyone is different

everyone’s body is different every one’s goals are different and everyone has different problems and things they struggle with things that come up in might just compete with yourself just work hard to be as good as you can be and work to get to your specific goals if you are doing the program well and you’re losing weight be proud of every pound that you lose don’t compare yourself with anybody else

I hope these tips help you those are just my personal little tips to say before you start fast might help you are you a little bit and if you are going to start good luck I know you can do it this is a great program and I love it takes your life is awesome again if you don’t have a coach I would love to help you go have a great da

Medifast Vs. Nutri Sytem – Which One Is Better

Medifast and Nutrisystem Benefits And Drawbacks

First Week On Medifast

making my first video about mom we in weight loss Medifast. I was really reluctant to make this video because allotted time and Krista of all and amicable and I felt something ken up with this video on the internet and I don’t leave the way our iniquity

again how domini on it and I’m going to look so i think im actually gonna keep his 30 a.m. for a later time island I’m ready to really fit then I am I’m really it and of a naked video the hay i think im well maybe this will help somebody else on their first week their Medifast journey me just to know how I felt like my shuttles were

my temptation what or and just maybe here in someone else’s week would help them get through whenever they’re facing so I was going in. quickly go through what my conclusions were what my strong points where from the field I like to think that like to think that the 18-day

day one started the day after my very first birthday and it went pretty well person was day one so was all gung ho my a temptation on day one way way took my daughter to the movies and course I want to leave their popcorn Madeon and out with good Abra a diet doctor pepper and I just hand man many pass keys keep the by for whatever in

that actually worked out really well and gates hugh still doing pretty good done my biggest temptation that babe with a friend of mine stopped at McDonalds am sorry I had to tell and my friend irma: stop them a tunnel and she and ordered her meal and i ended up in my many she’s her a and again another

they still doing great had another temptation helped out some friends at a bridal shows signs and dresses in before the trial so we went to his death I did not have axes I hadn’t brought all my facts for the day and i ended up eating the its keys huh or something

though I I did really good the first three days and then date3 around 4:30 5 o’clock 0 mama Guinea I would hit an ally in down for the count like I guess that whole conversion process cake pan because all that and I just feel it RJ I had a dole

had a I feel like my muscles were by the name my body which is the weirdest feeling ever and I just felt extremely tired and irritable and lightheaded and we the and I started googling key toasted you know how do you know you’re in the conversion process above the law so my I ended up texting my

takes shape for life coach and she texted back and said this is great you’re right on track you’re probably on the conversion process right now typically take got 72 hours on the kidneys is is that by the end of the day you should pretty much this day we should be passing you should be feeling

better tomorrow I’m thinking any game if this is this is great because 33 and insight to the feeling I was feeling awful and she was right within a few hours I was feeling much better she suggested every jury them kinda for all I or and maybe a purely on cue

in some water just to replace them 30 in our body that we have been lazy she also suggested we have returned them Powerade their own so we week during an extra are Hatter Boolean key in some water and that didn’t help much better headache went away in just a few hours and I still

I selling fine and de Boer with my first day back at work I’m men day it was great there’s no major temptation believing with a long day for with I feel really really rest to China leave work at 3:30 rest to the store rush home rush to make dinner and

rest to be back out up the house by 4:45 to go to a friend’s house that little stressful but okay Daisy 5 anything that they promised used em their families and pay and it is for now and date I was a pretty good day

and I’m well-connected yesterday okay so day by whether release half day for me I don’t know why I just woke up that morning enhanced Hungary the whole day hours it’s really really hungry and now tho hungry with hungry like angry I’m hungry and I was like the whole

like ready I would be I was ready my dog her at all and so ice can hold out by 4:30 I had my fifth many Akbar and I’m eating dinner very and ok at one point I lean down and Madonna pretty healthy family

after an eye out for real yell at the top of my lungs back ok with me from the makeup bar though my daughter hysterical laughter in the kitchen coming out getting her that I needed to get the method there but I haven’t met at bar and my dinner a few hours earlier I think the caucus

you normally get to know them and I didn’t know what to do on that day because I’m doing comic http like carrots she told me to go ahead and eat one must act different that meal is important keep lower lecture regulated so that thankfully day Wednesday what is a much better day

a much smoother I’m PhilStar all I what was up with a bomb but gave saferstein and ID snack and he did excellent so that repeated a pen which is today which is why I am doing this video I’m I today I’m feeling ok a little bit more hungry than yesterday but not as

hungry and I get on a path and I decided to make this video hey again I just want it to you one journey journal this journey or hell but also for other people and I decided not to weigh myself right now I’m not going away myself for another week

is I have a really bad habit have clean everything up start and I’m going girl that wants immediate results after three days I look in the air trying to figure out my fam it look any their casino gonna like majorly better after a three-day I here’s my teeth of Janet one and I am that after on that scale and I do not have a major results

I warrant it’s just gonna take me off on Fifth Third Bank why am I even bother reading and I’m gonna go gorge on something to make myself feel their I don’t want to do that the second reason I decided not to weigh myself with because if II

and was doing good n path of who I’m having some good result here cannot be like kinky unwanted Felix tell them be back into a place for us felt that one my first week I’m I don’t know how your weekend going by

I hope that maybe my story now on her T to get through free and it’s not hard other than the actual count like me and I like Eli and I like the fact I D E every few hours and the food isn’t that bad the only thing that don’t like so far sloppy joes so has been doesn’t like mildred flynn

spot how an hour’s up pretty well I love the fact that I E 600 I T a lot them that and her

Day 3 Juicing Recap

Day 3 Juice Fast Recap

Today I decided to go 3 days for the juice fast this time around. I think I am going to progressively increase the time of the fast as I go along. Yesterday was probably the easiest of all 3 days and my hunger pangs were not present at all. I did have a weird abdomen muscle cramp that was pretty extreme and lasted about 25 minutes. I not sure that it was directly related to the juice fast.

Here’s My Stats:

Weight: 342

Height; 6’1″


Day 2 Juice Fasting Recap

I’ll have to admit day 2 was a little tougher that day 1 but it still wasn’t too bad. I did not wake up hungry but by the end of the day I was really wanting some food. The hunger pangs were definitely more noticeable and frequent and then they just went away. I noticed that I was thinking about food more and it seemed like I could smell food from a mile away.

Here are my stats:

Weight: 344

Height; 6’1″ (no change from yesterday)


Day 1 Juice Fast Recap

My 3 Day (maybe 10 or 30 day) Juice Fast

Yesterday I Started My Green Juice Fast

So yesterday I was my first day of a juice fast that I’m not sure how long it will be. My intentions are to go at least 30 days but who knows.

After day 1 I feel pretty good and getting through the first day was not that bad. My hunger pangs were not present and it may be because I was drinking a lot of water. I didn’t measure how much juice I had but I would estimate it was about a half gallon. It did seem that more people were talking about food which kind of irritated me but other than that all was good.

Here’s my starting details:

Weight- 350lbs.

Height- 6’1″ (This should remain constant throughout the fast) 😉

I’m going to try and update this blog daily so be sure to check back to see how it’s going.



Pablo Iglesias con El Gran Wyoming (Entrevista Completa)

Pablo Iglesias con El Gran Wyoming (Entrevista Completa)



Wisconsin Food Taste Test

We asked these six Californians to set down their granola bars, back away from the avocado, and taste some of the most notable foods from America’s Dairyland. Wisconsin’s cuisine packed a few surprises into these people’s mouths, and their reactions are absolutely priceless.

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West Virginia

John Denver – Take Me Home, Country Roads

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Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River.
Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze.
Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.
West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads.

All my memories gather round her, miner’s lady, stranger to blue water.
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky, misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye.
Country roads, take me home to the place I belong.
West Virginia, mountain momma, take me home, country roads.


George Washington



Oggi mia sorella Virginia mi truccherà… che bello!




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